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Holy Apostles Episcopal Church

Holy Apostles Palm Sunday Service: Video

The Rev. Canon Arthur P. Powell, celebrant.  The Rev. Trisha Thorme, deacon.

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Before the liturgy:
Go into your yard and clip a branch, flower, piece of evergreen to hold, especially if you do not pick up palms- but Canon Art encourages to get a clipping. On the first Palm Sunday the people “cut branches from the trees and spread them on the way”; no one ordered them from Palm Gardens in Texas in those days.

Afternoon Procession:
In the afternoon you can use them in your own palm procession: a walk around the block, around the invisible fence of your yard or just up and down the driveway. Palm Sunday is about the journeys to places of sacrifice such as the Temple and Calvary. So a journey, no matter how short, should be a part of the day. It is also part of the reflection of the day.

The Passion Narrative is not part of the taped service. If you have a packet you can read it individually or break up the parts among your family group. If you do not have a packet, dust off your Bible and read Matthew 26:14- 27:66