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Bees for Development

Bees for Development

The 2017 – 2018 Poor Box Ministry is in support of an international charitable organization called Bees for Development founded in the United Kingdom in 1993. Why bees? It may seem a big claim to suggest that beekeeping can improve lives, however they know that it does. Beekeeping can help people in the poorest, most isolated communities. Bees for Development always strives to achieve sustainable change, helping empower communities so they are no longer reliant on outside help. To achieve their sustainability goals they apply the following approaches:
1. promote the use of local resources
2. advise the use of indigenous bees. This allows the maintenance of healthy strains of bees and helps to combat the spread of the bee health problems
3. build the capacity of organizations in partner countries, so in the long term local people can take the lead in the development of their own communities
4. information and knowledge sharing leads to self-reliance and empowerment of the poor – this is a core focus of their work
5. they do not advocate one type of bee hive only, because they know the best hive type is one that is appropriate to the local context and local bees – always taking into account affordability for beekeepers and
6. believe incomes can be raised by teaching beekeepers to analyze and understand their local market environment. The goal of this project is $1,000. As of early May donations totaled $699.

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