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WHY WE GIVE..We encourage giving as an act of worship

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How Your Support Helps

Our mission is to serve God by serving God’s people spiritually and through outreach to the poor and the hungry in our community and the world. Your support helps us to empower our parish community of caring and loving hearts to do God’s work in the world.
Go to our Outreach page and/or scroll down to see evidence of our faith in action.
This work is not without cost. We hope you will consider a gift to help us continue to respond to God’s call in meaningful and lasting ways.

Why We Give

What we believe about giving is:
We encourage giving as an act of worship

It focuses our hearts on our true treasure which is Christ (Matthew 6:21)
It is an acknowledgement that God is the owner of everything.
It turns our focus from the idolatry of money to serving God (Luke 16:11-13)
It is an expression of our love for God and our devotion to Him.
It is born out of our free response to all He has done for us, not out of guilt or duty.


Outreach Projects

“With hearts to love and hands to serve.”

We appreciate your generosity and your cooperation in supporting our church as we continue to grow as a community and in service to others.

Please support our Outreach and Youth Projects.
Allentown Food Pantry

Allentown Food Pantry

The 2020 – 2021 Poor Box Ministry Project will be in support of the Allentown...

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“A community devoted to the mission of Christ as a worshiping family.”

With the completion of the consolidation, Holy Apostles is ready to focus on our future and growth.