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Labyrinth and Memorial Garden

The Labyrinth is an ancient device and was purposefully chosen as the centerpiece of our church's Memorial Garden. Its center is that of a cross that draws one into the center and then out again. Unlike a maze, one can never be lost after they enter this Labyrinth, although as in life, many different paths are directed. The constant left and right turning is intended to accentuate the activity of the brain and to facilitate meditation while in movement. This facility is to be open to the community at large and will hopefully draw additional members and friends to this Parish. Interest has apparently been sparked. The large concrete paver area will also permit large gatherings and allow for meaningful community prayer, through stations-of-the-cross and other outdoor religious services.

We began the Labyrinth and Memorial Garden project in early 2007. During the fall, all the hardscape for the Memorial Garden was installed. It consists of a 27`` high wall around the entire perimeter of the Garden, save for the entranceway near the existing Church building. A 29' diameter Labyrinth was also installed which is fashioned after the well known and historic Labyrinth at Chartes Cathedral outside Paris France, as well as Village Square Pavers, laid in sidewinder pattern, thereby allowing for engraved stones.

In addition, a three-foot wide pea gravel area, located between the wall and pavers intended for interment of ashes was constructed at the same time.

An eight-foot high granite Celtic cross was installed in March 2008. The Christian symbols of Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end) will be engraved on both sides as well as the date the garden was constructed. In addition, three heavy-duty teak benches were placed in the alcoves of the interior walkway, which forms a unilateral cross.

Any member of the Parish may sponsor interment of ashes. Since it is not considered a cemetery, plots are not to be sold and urns cannot be accepted. Utilization is to be governed by the amended site plan.

In December the latest set of pavers to be engraved were installed. Forms for pavers continue to be available from the church office as well as being posted on the bulletin board in the narthex information area.