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Youth Pilgrimage 2018

Youth Pilgrimage 2018


This year’s J2A Pilgrims at Holy Apostles are a group of teens who have completed the Rite 13 curriculum and have made their journey to adulthood. After 2 years of teen-focused christian education these teens receive the holy sacrament of Confirmation. They have been invited to journey on a 10-day pilgrimage (June 20 thru June 29) from Yardville to New England and then on to St. John, New Brunswick, Canada with rector Canon Art and the Christian Education co-director Evelin LeMassena.

Before setting out on their journey, they will be the guests of honor at a special Pilgrimage Send-Off service on Sunday, June 17 at 9:30 AM at Holy Apostles. At the beginning of the service the Pilgrims will be presented to the congregation with the following prayer:

“Dear People of God, throughout life’s journey we encounter moments of change that call us to grow. The youth here gathered have accepted the responsibility of Baptism vows through the Sacramental Rite of Holy Conformation. They now stand ready like our Lord Jesus after his baptism to enter a time in the wilderness of pilgrimage. We gather to pray for them and send them forth assured of our love and prayer for them in the steps of the journey. It is our prayer that they, like our Lord, may come forth from the journey empowered to proclaim by word and example the Good news of Gospel life.”

During the service each Pilgrim will receive a pilgrim bag by the clergy or their J2A mentor. Following the “vesting” with the bag their parents will present the Pilgrims with their walking sticks.

The Pilgrims will be sent-off by the congregation with the following prayer:
“Holy One, You led your people, night and day, by fire and cloud, so lead Andrew, Elijah, Elizabeth, Francesca, Haley and their chaperone Evelin by the light of your love. Go before them to prepare a safe path. Stay beside them to instill purpose and joy in their mission. Follow after them to leave peace in the wake of wherever they have stayed. Give your angels charge over their journey. At their returning, let all they have seen be engraved in their hearts, and their sense of home be enlarged forever, through Jesus Christ our Savior and Guide.”